About Design Matters

Design Matters

Design is about being clever with what you’ve got. It’s about solving your problems in a way that works with your limitations. Any community that wants to make the most out of its future in a world of limited resources needs a strong Design culture at its core.

This is why Design Matters.

The Victorian Government through Creative Victoria has partnered with The Design Foundation to establish Design Matters. We exist to highlight, celebrate and nurture all forms of design in the state of Victoria. Our goal is to help raise awareness of the role of design as a catalyst for innovation to raise standards of living and increase economic prosperity.

We have created this online portal to promote design activities, initiatives, news and resources throughout the state of Victoria. The intention is for this portal to be a community driven initiative and we welcome your submissions for inclusion in the calendar of events.

Design Matters will also be responsible for coordinating a festival of design: Melbourne International Design Week. We welcome your ideas and proposals.

Design Foundation

The Design Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 1991 to encourage excellence in design and promote design driven innovation in Australia and around the world. Since 1991 the Foundation has been presenting the internationally renowned design event, agIdeas International Design Forum: an annual event that brings the world’s best design and designers to Melbourne for a week of inspiration and education. Other events include programs for business, schools, and the broader community.

Through events, videos, and interviews we present ideas, experience, skills, knowledge and opportunities to connect with design practitioners, business leaders and researchers who are experts across design disciplines and industry sectors in the application of design that makes a difference to standards of living, to productivity and to economic prosperity.
We make connections between those looking to develop their knowledge and skills in design and design thinking and education providers in undergraduate, post graduate and professional development training and education.


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