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Thinking About Getting a Cosmetic Tattoo? Read This First


Tattooing has become very popular these days. People want to express their feelings and opinions via tattoos. While there is nothing wrong with getting inked, you need to know the nuts and bolts of getting tattooed before you visit a tattoo parlor. Thinking about getting a cosmetic tattoo? Read this first.

Prepare Thoroughly

The most important part of getting a cosmetic tattoo is preparing for it. Decide what you want first and why you want it. Hopefully, you don’t want to get tattooed because your peers are doing it. Be careful if you are looking for a tattoo with a deep-rooted meaning. Man, it is permanent. You will not be able to change it later. For instance, think twice before having a tattoo of a person’s name. It is okay to have a tattoo with little or no meaning, as long as you like it. Here are other things to do to ensure that you are well prepared for your tattoo.

• Research on tattooing, its advantages, and effects. Learn about tattooing ink and how it fades. You will learn that red ink fades faster and white ink turns yellow after a short while.

• Decide on the size of the tattoo and its placement. Larger and less complicated designs are safer. Small and complicated tattoos may lead to a lot of bleeding. The placement of your tattoo will depend on its meaning to you and the rest of the world.

• Consider your skin allergies. Consult your doctor if you have skin allergies to determine whether tattooing will be safe for you or not.

• Abstain from taking alcohol for at least a day before the tattooing session. Instead, take a good meal and drink a lot of water a few hours to the tattooing session. Know that it will hurt, and be prepared for the pain.

• Plan for the healing process in advance. The healing process is very crucial, and you don’t want to spoil the beauty you have painfully earned. Keep in mind that it will take a few weeks for the tattooed area to heal completely. Postpone any swimming activities during this time and plan to have someone to help you in the house. Personal hygiene will be paramount during this time as well since tattooed areas are prone to infections. Prepare not to scratch the tattooed area whenever it itches as well.

• Finally, consider your budget. Tattooing isn’t cheap.

Choose the right tattoo artist

Once you are ready on your part, look for the right candidate for the job. It should be easy to identify a proficient tattoo artist. Look at his or her portfolio and listen to what their previous customers are saying. He or she should be busy. An idle tattoo artist is a red flag.
Inspect the tattoo parlor for cleanliness
Once you have picked your favorite tattoo artist, visit their tattoo parlor and inspect for cleanliness, safety, and privacy. Confirm that the parlor has been inspected by the …

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