How to Make Your Bikini Wax Less Painful?

The body is made up of sensitive parts that we need to keep clean and maintained. If such parts are not well taken care of, then there is a high chance that one can contract some infections. When it comes to shaving the pubic hair, it may be a very tiresome and annoying if you do not have some experience. This is why choosing a Bikini Wax option can help you to solve all your problems. But still, the problem is that some people feel a lot of pain which make them feat this bikini waxing.

How to Make Your Bikini Wax Less Painful?

bikini waxDo Not Be in a Hurry

This is just a special day you dedicated to this service. It will be very painful and disappointing when you start feeling pain all over your body. So plan your day, take your time and do the work bit by bit. Identify small sections and do the waxing in these places. This will give you humble time to stretch and control your waxing strips. Do not be in a hurry to finish waxing for the outcome might be very horrible.

Keep Your Hair Size in Order

When you try to uproot hair that has grown so tall and develop root deep in the skin, you will feel pain. Bikini waxing ensures that all the hair that has been waxed can be removed when the wax is removed in the body. So the best result can be obtained when you try to keep shaving your hair regularly. You keep the hair at about ┬╝inch. You will never feel pain when the hair size is in order.

Watch on Your Periods

Waxing during your periods can be very dangerous and painful. This is because when you are on period, the skin is very sensitive which might make you feel irritation during waxing. So if you do not want to feel pain and discomfort, it’s advisable to plan your next bikini waxing on days that are not on your periods or when you are approaching your period

Use Anti-Inflammatory Products

There are so many anti-inflammatory products sold in the local shops around you. If you know you are planning for a bikini waxing, then try and apply anti-inflammatory product some thirty minutes before waxing. This is meant to control discomfort and anxiety.


Sometimes the body may be comprised of so many dead cells. The only way to ensure that the wax hold all the hair is to exfoliate. You can do this today if you are intending to wax tomorrow. This process eliminates all the dead skin and gives room for the wax to grip those short hair that has been troubling you. They will move easily without letting you experience much pain


Pain is normally generated from our endocrine system. The only way to control it is to take some deep breath. Do not hold your breath, whenever you apply the wax, breath deep and when you are not, breathe out. This process may allow easy movement of receptors that help in pain regulation.

Look for a Hard Wax

Dealing with soft wax can cause you some unwanted pain. This is why using hard wax can be gentler when compared to soft wax. It can allow you to perform your bikini waxing without having to experience too much pain.

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