If you have been wondering how to make botox last longer, then you should know that advanced technology has made it possible. Botox is one of those procedures used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on one’s face and give you a smooth appearance. It is administered through an injection. Once you begin to receive Botox injections, you are required to be retreated every 4-6 months to maintain its effects. But how can one enjoy the youthful appearance for the full six months? Here are tips and a guide on how to make Botox last longer.

Choose a Good Doctor

For the right results, Botox needs to be administered in the correct dosage and injected on the right area. Choose an experienced doctor to ensure that the procedure is done right. Even though Botox effects are not permanent, you need to make sure that you start with the right doctor as this will affect your attitude towards the procedure. An experienced cosmetic surgeon will give you all the guidance you need before and after the procedure. They will also personalize your treatment and create your retreatment schedule based on your specific needs. All this will contribute towards ensuring that the Botox effects last longer.

Sun Protection

Damage by the sun is the leading cause of aging skin, and this can’t be reversed even with Botox. Whether you have had Botox or not always avoid being in the sun for too long. Wear SPF on your hands, face, and neck every time you are about to leave the house. Extreme exposure to UV rays can reverse the effects of the injection. If you have to go out during UV rays peak hours, wear SPF and a wide hat to protect your face.

Eat Right

The skin ages quickly when we don’t eat right. Always eat a balanced diet and avoid junk food, fizzy drinks, and too much alcohol. You should also eat plenty of vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and proteins daily. Doing this not only promotes your skin’s appearance but also ensures that you heal faster after the injection.

Proper Skin Care

Effects of Botox last longer when individuals put in place proper skin care measures. Moisturize your skin daily and drink enough water. Proper skin care makes your skin healthier, and this promotes the effects of the treatment process. There are also skin care products which relax fine muscles, and this makes Botox last longer.

Stress Less

Stress is a part of our day to day life. Whether it’s about family, friends, work, school, or relationships, stress negatively affects our body. High-stress levels stimulate the body to produce more of the hormones which are responsible for accelerating aging. To extend the effects of Botox, get an effective mode of managing stress. Some effective stress management techniques include massages, yoga, meditation, therapy, etc.

Making Botox last longer is not an expensive thing. All you need to do is incorporate these tips in your life, and you will reap the benefits. Start small and soon enough, these tips will be a natural part of your life, making your skin healthier and your Botox lasting longer.

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