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Excellent Tips on How to Wear Your Boots With a Dress


Women’s boots are not only good to pair with jeans and shorts but also dresses. In fact, you can come up with different stylish combinations as long as you take a closer look at the type of boots as well as the dresses that you have in your closet.

And to help you out in dressing up like a model, here are a few guidelines that you must keep in mind:

Match the Styles

Women’s boots come in various types, and so do dresses and skirts. And as a general fashion rule, you must match the style of your footwear with that of your outfit. For example, if you have Suede boots, you can put them on along with a casual-looking dress. But if you want to wear something for a night out, then you can go for those boots that are made with leather.

Consider the Occasion

Aside from matching the styles of the boots and dress, it is essential that you also consider the occasion. If you are attending a somewhat formal gathering, then you may opt for a black dress with a heeled knee-high pair of boots. But that’s something that is not ideal if you simply want to go to a coffee shop and hang out with your friends.

Show a Little Bit of Skin

You would look a lot more appealing if you wear a dress with boots while showing a little bit of skin. Regardless if you have a short or long dress, you should, at least, leave a few inches between the hemline and your footwear.

Keep It Classic

It is true that women’s boots come in a huge variety when it comes to style. But if you are into something classic, then keep your dress and boots simple. You can always go for a pair of plain black boots as they can go along with almost any outfit. Pick one that would make you look simple but elegant.

Try Mix Prints

Do you want to look bolder? If so, then don’t hesitate to try mix prints once in a while. And besides, this is the trend now!

Achieve That Sophisticated Look

Are you going to work in a nice dress? Of course, you would want to achieve a more sophisticated look, and you can easily have that if you wear pointed boots. More so if they come with heels.…

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